Webinar "50 Shades of Memory Work" is rescheduled:

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 Thursday, November 21, 2024, from 12 pm - 3 pm

UTC+2 (Helsinki Time)

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  • Do you agree that the promotion of active and healthy aging with native and immigrant populations is similar because in both cases we are dealing with older people?
  • Do you agree that children’s performance to the older people audience is a way of intergenerational cooperation?
  • Do you agree that the official information about family care, healthcare, home safety, etc. for the families caring for an older person with dementia, should be provided only in the national language?    

If you answered "yes" to even one of these questions, it's worth coming to the webinar! 



 Program "50 shades of Memory Work" 


  • Link to the webinar will be sent to all registered email addresses on March 11th
  • The webinar will be held in English!
  • All presentations and discussions will be recorded to be used for the training of volunteers.

Date:            November 21, 2024
Time:           12 pm - 3 pm UTC+2 (Helsinki Time)
Location:     Zoom

  • 45 eur/ per person when you pay individually
  • 35 eur/ per person for a group of two (total 70eur) 
  • 30 eur/ per person for a group of three (total 90 eur)

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The purpose of the webinar is to raise knowledge about intergenerational cooperation in different minority groups. 

  • How to provide successful support via intergenerational cooperation? 
  • How does intergenerational cooperation look like with elderly migrants living with dementia? 
  • Examples – what can be done to promote intergenerational cooperation among migrants through support networks and social organizations?

Attending a webinar:

  • You will meet sensitive memory work specialists and researchers from all over the World.
  • You will receive fruitful knowledge, practical insights, and networking opportunities.
  • The webinar will enhance your understanding of sensitive memory work and equip you with new tools and approaches to support minority families and individuals who experience memory-related challenges.


We have the honor to present our guest speakers: MUKES YouTube


 Performer's name and title

Title of presentation:


 Dr Alexandra Withnall (UK) 

Honorary Associate Professor
Centre for Lifelong Learning University of Warwick UK  


The concept of intergenerational practice: learning in later life and cultural diversity.

Read more: here


Dr Tiina Tambaum (Estonia) 

A lecturer and a researcher at Tallinn University  


There is no instant intergenerational magic. How to conduct intergenerational practice professionally.

Read more: here

Dr Erika Marek (Hungary) 

Associate professor, University of Pecs

Roma elderly in Hungary: the challenges of healthy ageing and the role of intergenerational support in caring for the older Roma people.

Read more: here

Dr Anthony Scerri (Malta) 
Senior Lecturer, University of Malta

Sex, gender, and sexuality in the context of dementia: an intergenerational perspective. 

Read more: here

Dr Josefine Antoniades (Australia)
Senior Research Fellow, National Ageing Research Institute Ltd, Australia.

Care, love, and practicalities: Dementia care by multicultural carers in  Australia.

Read more: here

Susanna Lehtovaara (Finland) 

Executive Manager, Jade yhteisö ry 


Together through thick and thin - intergenerational support and challenges of foreign-born families in Finland.

Read more: here

Siiri Jaakson (Finland) 

CEO, The Finnish Centre for Cultural Diversity and Memory, MUKES

Intergenerational memory work with foreign-born people in Finland.

Read more: here

Facilitator Anne Waweru (Finland), member of the board of the Finnish Centre for Cultural Diversity and Memory, MUKES



This webinar is organized by the Finnish Centre for Cultural Diversity and Memory, MUKES

Organizing Committee:

Siiri Jaakson

Ann-Ly Palosaari